OMS, Overseas Manpower Solutions, the recruitment specialists, offer a wide variety of proven solutions and opportunities in the areas of health care industry as well all skilled workers like teachers , engineers and IT etc., Our main focus remains to be in the fields of hiring and placement of Nurses, Doctors, Pharmacists, Physiotherapists and other paramedical professionals in the best hospitals and healthcare facilities in the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Caribbean Islands like Jamaica, Barbados and British Virgin Islands, Trinidad & Tobago.OMS is partnered with local staffing services at USA. For additional details click here.

Over the years, OMS also has gained a lot of experience in the processing of Business visas to eligible people to establish and continue to do business in the USA & Canada.

OMS serves as the launching pad for all healthcare professionals with an urge to grow.  In order to achieve this, OMS identifies an action plan and details a career path for each individual who has the impulse to achieve. OMS provides the knowledge and experience in shaping and executing a strategy to fulfill their ambitions.

Although, OMS has grown tremendously while obtaining large no. of hospital contracts, OMS realizes that its success depends on making their employees build and achieve their set goals. OMS recognizes that every individual is distinct in their skill set and possesses their own strengths. By carefully understanding each individual’s potential, OMS helps in choosing a right path for their career. OMS evaluates, at the request of the professional, every talent that he/she possesses and will guide them towards reaching their ambitions.



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